January 18, 2009


Archaic Sealed Heat is a game that wasn't very successful.
But it caught my attention because of the artwork which is done by one of the FF12 artists.
And the main reason is that the soundtrack is by Hitoshi Sakimoto.

Sakimoto is in fact my favourite (game) composer. The reason why I prefer him is because unlike most other composers he combines east and west perfectly.
I can hear the influence of western (action) movies, but he gives it the very special eastern video game touch and creates his very own style. I like Hollywood composers like Hans Zimmer, but because their music is designed to be background music of movies they are often not so memorable. And since Sakimoto is composing for games he naturally puts more memorable melodies into his tracks, and still has the action of western music.
That's why I love Sakimoto so much.

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