February 8, 2009


Noble man/boy in Middle Ages
(Clothes are inspired by medieval artist Limburg)

It is always quite depressing to see how much of the beauty gets lost when scanning a watercolour picture. There is just so much of the detail, the stroke and the colour that you can't see when it is on the computer. I guess that's why so many people prefer CG pictures, because they have a very fresh, colourful and therefore lively touch when you look at them through the monitor.
Watercolours are best to see in reallife on paper, and prints. Then it can fully show you its beauty and give you the feeling of seeing something extremely precious and valuable.

For my part I will quit computer drawing (at least for a while). I knew from the beginning that I have some kind of computer sickness, which means that I feel very uncomfortable when sitting longer in front of the PC. In the past I ignored this fact but some days ago this illness came over me abruptly. I felt sick, had incredible headache, fever and many other diseases.
I really have to take more care of my health!

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