August 14, 2009

He Huan

He Huan

Oil on canvas paper
18 x 24

After many years I tried to paint with oil again.
I once learned it but it was the impressionistic way which I didn't like so much.
Now I tried to paint in a more baroque way and furthermore it's my first time to paint a person with oil.

This painting shows He Huan from Daming Palace.
What you see in the back is the huge mirror in crown prince Hong's chamber.
There are many things that could have been done way better but I didn't want to spend my lifetime on this picture.
The colours aren't very optimal either, I need to buy more colours.
But I found out for myself that I love painting with oil! I think I'll frame this one hehe.

It's a pity though that I can't scan the painting, there are always some problems with the angle when photographing it.

I think it must be quite rare and funny to see a Chinese figure painted with oil!

* * *

Side note

The reoccuring flower is a Albizia julibrissin, the blossoms of a tree that grows from the Middle East to Eastern China.
In Chinese this flower is called 合欢 He Huan.