June 23, 2012

Auf der Wiese

This picture was uploaded on several communities such as DA, Animexx etc, I thought I should share anything I got that looks like work since I don't have much to offer lol, you understand the logic.
Anyone remember the comic strip I did back in 2009 about a minstrel and a farm girl? Yes, the one with the awful songtext. xD
This picture is dedicated to these two characters. I thought since my blog is also named after this story I should draw more picture that would fit to this theme.
The  uploaded version on this blog is different from the others because this was exported from Mangastudio properly and the screentones are how they should be.
The other versions on DA are screenshots I took from the program. I decided to do so because for some reason the screenshot looked better..oO Full view to see the difference.

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