April 6, 2009

FF Tactics figures

I bought the FF Tactics - Lion War figures quite a while ago (mid 2008) and made many photos but haven't put them on yet. Originally I wanted to buy them on ebay but they were really expensive there. Then at a convention I saw them for 30€, that was still very much. After much bargaining I finally got it for 26€ haha. XD

In there are Ramza, Delita, Lady Agrias and Princess Ovelia. If you buy the figures seperately you can get the secret figure Balthier. It's really pity I don't have him! : (
Ramza is my favourite. My Delita's legs are strange... Ovelia is the most beautiful because of her clothing, but I don't like the bottom of the figure.

Ramza Beolve. I like his face.

Ramza again. Full body.

Agrias Oaks. This figure is very well made.

I didn't make photos of the other two. Maybe sometime I'll make up for it.
OMG and today I bought something really great (and quite expensive) at ebay... I really hope it will be in good condition...

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