April 21, 2009

FF12 OST Limited Edition

OMGGG!!!! I still can't believe what I just received!!! ... My Final Fantasy XII Soundtrack Limited Edition just arrived at my mailbox!
Aaah I always wanted to own this, the main work of Hitoshi Sakimoto, my favourite composer. He's so gorgeous, I'm totally in love with him!! (´___`)!!

The box is just sooo awesome!! O___O And it's so big and quite heavy I was so stunned!! (slipcase)

You can't imagine how long I've been waiting for the right chance to buy this soundtrack, my first choice had been playasia but that would have been quite expensive, so I scoured ebay for this, but couldn't find a reliable seller.
Finally found one last week on ebay auction which I was quite sure of that this was genuine. Actually I'm quite broke at the moment but I couldn't resist and was really lucky to get it for *JUST* 20€ !!!

The main CD box with great artworks (front). The front side shows the upper part of the great Light Cruiser Shiva artwork.

At first I was quite unsure if I made the right decision to pay such a sum on ebay, although I was quite sure it would be the real thing I was unsure about its condition, or if 20 was really worth it. Now I can really say that I am lucky, it's completely new!

Back of CD box, with bottom part of artwork. At the right the booklet.

Inner part of the box with the main characters. My friend hated the picture with Balthier and Ashe haha. XD

Now the core: four disks in total. It's funny they chose to take two moogles for the fourth disk, I think the Larsa and Vayne artwork would have better fit for that. In the background the Arcadia artwork.

And many more photos: booklet pages:

First page with the main character Vaan's artwork. The booklet totally reminds me of the FF Tactics booklet, it's made of the same paper, and the same black page + inscription and font haha.

Tracklisting of the first disc. With Ashelia artwork. Each disc has its own page and artwork (second: Balthier/Fran, third: Penelo and fourth Basch). There are many more FMV screenshots, texts and interviews and lyrics of the main theme "Kiss me Goodbye".

The Master at work... ( ; __ ; )

Conclusion. Gabranth at the back looks so impressive. ´D` Ahh my second Sakimoto soundtrack.

Okay I'm totally excited, and thankful to this person who sold this soundtrack to me in such superb condition and at this low price. Wow!
I think I'm the most excited person in town at the moment haha!! XDD

I'm going to post a sample in the next entry.