June 6, 2009

Taoist detail

Taoist priest detail

As mentioned before I will upload a more detail version of the Taoist picture.
This one is a photography of the painting and it's a raw version (that means without editing).
You can see the holes where I used the compass hehe.
I am sorry for the bad quality of the picture.

Scanned version of watercolours are always sticky because the colours will never turn out like in the original.
Even with photoshop you might be able to make colours brighter and add contrast but the original tone will never come out.
Furthermore, a high amount of brushstrokes can't be seen because of the lower scan resolution.

This picture was especially a problem because of his white robes which I coloured with very light colours that almost became invisible during scanning process.
Therefore I decided to make a photo.

(Click for fullview)