June 27, 2010

HIM at Donauinselfest

I can't believe this, I got to see HIM live!!!! They sang at the Donauinselfest, which is a big open air festival, and there were so many people I couldn't even breathe, but it was totally worth it!!!
I never visited a rock concert before, and always wanted to see HIM live, because I love Ville Valo. But they almost never come to Vienna, I would have paid much to visit a rock concert, but now at the Donauinselfest everything was free of course and there were sooo many people umg.
But I was at the stage half an hour before and fought through the crowd until I was near him, then I had to stand on my toes for 2 hours, but it was so worth omg. He is sooo handsome and I was filming and taking photos all the time LOL.
Here is Join me in Death that I filmed with my photo camera, quality is bad but I'm surprised that the picture quality is quite ok:

I have loved Join me the first time I heard it, it's so romantic, sad, kind of goth, bit of metal, so beautiful (the keyboard sound ´_`) and Ville's voice is sexier than everrrr.
And it was so cool, he sang so many songs, and his old songs like Join me and Funeral of Hearts and many other as well, wow this must be really rare!!!
And I am sooo lucky, thank you HIM for this wonderful evening, I love you!