August 10, 2009

大明宫词同人漫画 page3

《大明宫词》同人漫画 第三页

Comic of Daming Palace page 3
English translation:

He Huan: grass in a wasteland...
Crown prince Hong: Haha, they truly don't grow in an order,
but I hope they're still not like grass in a wasteland.
I'm not so old yet!

Princess Weishi: They look like husband and wife!
Princess Taiping: "They don't grow in an order, like grass in a wasteland". Haha!

Taiping: Why is He Huan always glued to brother Hong?
Weishi: Of course he does, he is a catamite!
Taiping: What's a catamite?
Weishi: You don't even know that?