November 12, 2009

Final Fantasy IV DS

Haven't posted for quite a while, but now I'm back with some new photos of my freaky life, you know, directly taken from my game screen. XD

At last I decided to buy FFIV, I waited far too long because I read it was incredibly difficult and I didn't want to risk buying it and then putting it aside. Finally I got it and yes, the first hours were absolutely frustrating !!! The enemies are far too overpowered, the bosses almost not defeatable. But I didn't give up and trained my poor characters and now with time and party increase it is fairly beatable but still hard.
I became so addicted because of the cute graphics and because of the incredibly deep story that I played about 6 hours on a day. =_="

Final Fantasy IV *__*
My cute party, the *beautiful* Cecil, the strong men Yang and Cid, and Tellah who saved my life for about a hundred times...

Some small spoilers ahead: You know my favourite character is the BARD Edward. ^^ He was one of the reasons why I wanted to own this game in the first place. But it kind of turned out that he is as weak as he looks like haha, still I love training him. Kain became one of my favourites after certain events but most of all I am amazed by Cecil the main character. Isn't he SHINY? *U*~

Ok, am almost finished with today's game entry, what I find cute also are the small mind bubbles.
Every character has some thoughts that change during story progress.
This is something new compared to the old versions of the game.

So I am finished, I'm going to post more pictures of my girly gaming life someday lol, see you.