November 13, 2009

Velvette and Edward

Velvette (Odin Sphere) in watercolours

This picture is basically drawn from the artwork, as a quick base to practise watercolouring.
Recently I've been playing Odin Sphere more often, and am at the end of Cornelius' story. I hope it will be over soon, the stories are quite long and basically the same, the only thing that keeps me is being able to play with the rest of the characters, such as Oswald and Velvet.
Actually I still find the game hard, even at the easy mode lol.

Prince Edward the Bard (FFIV)

This picture is quite funny, I don't know if anyone knows the FFIV DS artwork that shows all the main characters. Anyway, I was searching for Edward and thought he certainly must be on that artwork too, but I couldn't find him. This was strange I thought, he is a playable character after all, even Tellah is on the picture! The only person I didn't know was that strange woman to the right, so I wondered if there was a yet unknown girl who is supposed to join the party...when suddenly it stroke me that this woman might be just Edward!! O_o" And yes after some comparison of clothing she certainly is.
This is so weird, normally I can tell even very girlish looking men from women (I'm used to the boys I draw haha), but whatever the artworker was thinking, this Edward is definitly too girlish!

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