April 18, 2010

FFIV Figures

Umg as mentioned in the last entry, I bought the FFIV DS trading figures, they are so cute !!! From the six I absolutely wanted to have Cecil and Rosa !!! And I was lucky I just bought 3 and got *Cecil*, Rydia and then Rosa. ^ ^ I saw the Kain too, he was already unpacked, I am going to get hiim someday !! Just you wait poor boy ! >_<

Unpacking shot, Rosa is still asleep.

The shiny and beautiful Paladin Cecil ! Comparing to the FF3 figures I once posted the FF4 are so detailed and beautifully painted, love them!

The cute little girl Rydia, I don't like her too much but she's cute here!

Awww Rosa ! I am so happy to have got her ! She is so pretty ! ´_ ` And so pink. <3

Mother, Father, Child ! Small family shot. I am going to get Kain and Edge, the two uncles. XD