April 6, 2010

Pokemon SoulSilver

Maybe someone wondered where I have been for the last days. Well, I was playing Pokemon Soul Silver.
After all, I was waiting for this game to come out for years!! Finally, on March 26 it came in stores. BUT I came to play it only 3 days later because Amazon failed to deliver it in time!! The reason why I ordered it from there was because you get a free Lugia or Ho-Oh figure, but guess what Amazon wrote me a mail stating due to delivery shortage they are unable to send me the figure. =__=!
So in the end I just got the game. : (

BUT the game is wonderful, perfect, I couldn't dream of more!!!
This is the PERFECT Pokemon game!!

Pokemon Soul Silver with the Pokewalker. The box is sooo big woow, and I just payed 20€ !! XDD

I'm the happiest person in the woooorld!!!~~~

Pidgey is SO CUTE on the world map it looks like a chick.

HG and SS are remakes of Gold/Silver the best Pokemon games. They have a wonderful story, TWO insanely beautiful countries, *wonderful characters*, the best gym leaders/elite four and ~~L A N C E !!~~~~*dies*
And your first Pokemon even follows you!! * O * I think I'm gonna catch 'em all just to see the different sprites walking behind you. X' O
*OMG dies of cutenesss*

I'm just a bit disappointed of the Pokewalker, you can only level one level at a time. : (