June 19, 2008

Vagrant Story LB

Hurray, it arrived!!

Today I looked into my mailbox and saw this big envelope!
It's the Vagrant Story official strategy guide that I ordered through ebay!

And I am really lucky, because it's totally NEW! (it was still in the plastic foil!)
Although the game was published about 10 years ago and the books sold out of course.

PSone game Vagrant Story guide from Piggyback!
No scratches and dents. <3

You can't imagine how much I love this character design. (T__T)!!

European, medieval and oriental, just so aged and yellowbrownish!! (*nosebleed*)
This is Yoshida Akihiko! (;_;)~

Ah Romeo Guildenstern... he's so sexy. (;_;)
And Joshua is such a cute little boy. <3~

Vagrant Story is one of the best games ever!
But it's really hard to beat, that's one reason why I bought this book.

I'm waiting for my second ebay order already...

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