June 25, 2008

FFT Original Soundtrack

OMG you can't imagine what REAL treasure I got !!
Today my second delivery arrived!

I was waiting for quite a long time, and almost wanted to complain on ebay.
But today I got this thick little package and it's the original FINAL FANTASY TACTICS Soundtrack !!!

Just openend it. Sooooo beautiful !! `( ; D ; )´
Front shows Ramza and Delita ! (´ D `)~

The actual CD box is in a slipcase and everything is printed on cardboard paper. That gives it a very special look. (*v*)

And OMG I am REALLY lucky!!
Because it's not some fake, but the actual original OST!! ( ; __ ; ) ! ! !
You know it's very risky to order something through ebay, because most of their imported CDs are fakes.
(but it was so cheap and I thought even if it's a fake I would be happy LOL 8D)

Back of slipcase.

All main characters (f.l.t.r):
Prince Bestrada Larg, Princess Ovelia Atkascha, Prince Druksmald Goltana, Duke Dycedarg Beoulve, Alma Beoulve, Agrias Oak, Zalbag Beoulve

The inside. <3
Actual CD with same cover and a poster.

AND the CDs + box don't have ANY scratches, totally new!! I can't believe someone opened it before. (ovo)"

Inside CD box. CD 1 + booklet.
CD1 cover printed with the flag of Prince Larg.

CD 2 has flag of Goltana.

Booklet. 71 tracks in total. The OST's name is 'Antidote'.
Score composed by Iwata Masaharu and Sakimoto Hitoshi. ( ; _ ; )~ *dies*

The poster contains all job classes. There is also a special Moogle card with description about it. x)
Don't ask me what it is for... 8D

YESS I'm still alive ! 8D


Ah I'm so excited!!! <D

My friends think I'm crazy, because I already know all tracks and actually can't listen to them anymore...
(especially normal battle music, I'm hearing it all the time while playing 8D)

Hey but it's so beautiful, I just wanted to have it!! : (
(even if I never listen to the CDs haha~) %D

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