August 6, 2008


I had my birthday some weeks ago, and yesterday I got my birthday present from a good friend.

It's the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Official Strategy Guide Vol.1! lD
Aaah I love Pokemon. <3
(but I don't have a ds so I've never really played the ds games for a long time)

Pokemon Guide!

The FuturePress Strategy Guides have many artworks and screenshots. I really like them!
Actually I prefer them more than Piggyback's guides.
Piggyback is much more professional and gives FAR more information and makes less mistakes.
But there are never soo many artworks.

Sample page.
Umg that's Volker (in german), he is sooo damn goodlooking he looks EXACTLY like Yondaime of Naruto... (=D=)!!
I wonder what Sugimori Ken thought when he designed him... probably having some hokage in mind haha. 8D

My friend even borrowed me her Nintendo DS + Pokemon Pearl! <3
I'm going to post some photo of her DS too. (´D`)~