April 19, 2012

Destination RO

Dear friends, I have a request.
The thing is I've become quite the mmorpg gamer and a friend of mine just set up a Ragnarok Online private server (where you can basically play RO for free and with higher rates, which means you level up fast and get monster drops easily) which is running since yesterday.
So what we've been looking for is someone who is familiar with web coding (php, javascript and stuff). We already have a premade template, so all you have to do is to upload and to integrate a controlpanel. There's probably a bit of research involved regarding the CP and the server link but you can easily look it up.

So if anyone has expertise in this matter or knows someone who could help, please help us! :D You'll be added to the staff of course. <3

More info regarding the server and me being GM (my dream job LOL) will follow. ^^

 Our cute banner~~

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